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Kashew Camembert

100% plant-based camembert with a white bloomy rind. Creamy, nutty, earthy & absolutely delicious.
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Plant-based artisan nut cheese

Vietnam's first plant-based deli. We produce a range of vegan cheese, dairy alternatives and other deli food.
Kashew Deli Kitchen

Food made with Kashew Cheese

Kashew Sandwiches, Cheeseboards, Salads, Coffee, Kombucha, Smoothies, and more.
New opening hours

Kashew Cheese District 7

We're delighted to announce that our district 7 branch is now open for dinner, from 9 AM to 9 PM.

Kashew Garden Villa

New space by Kashew Cheese in Thao Dien Villas Compound! Fresh plant-based cuisine, wine, and a beautiful garden space.
Classic Sandwich
Bomba Sandwich
Grande Sandwich
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Mozza Pesto Sandwich
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Cheese & Chutney Sandwich
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Kashew Milk 1L Bottle
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Kashew Yogurt 200ml
Kashew Chocolate Milk 1L Bottle
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Kashew Milk 320 ML Bottle
Kashew Sữa Đặc (Condensed Milk)
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Kashew Ricotta
Plant-based Feast

Kashew Cheeseboards

A selection of Kashew Cheese with fruits, veggies, chutneys, pesto and artisan breads.

Sandwiches, Cheeseboards and more

We make fresh plant-based food and drinks using Kashew Cheese products.